(Jotunheimen Tour) Almost at the summit of Glittertind

Photos from trips: Jotunheimen Tour

Walking towards Skogadalsboen hut
  On the Besseggen ridge, Lake Gjende below    Jotunheimen Tour

The buildings of Memurubu

The big sky from the Besseggen ridge

The road to Spiterstulen
  Lake Gjende from Gjendesheim    Jotunheimen Tour

In descent from Glittertind

A mountainous view from Glittertind's summit

The dining room at the Skogadalsboen hut
  Nearing the summit of Glittertind    Jotunheimen Tour

The wide valley linking Spiterstulen and Leirvassbu

Walking to Skogadalsboen with Kyrkja in view

The ridge that drops to Memurubu
  Looking North from Besseggen    Jotunheimen Tour

A wooden footbridge on route from Spiterstulen to Leirvassbu

Striding out towards Glitterheim, a footbridge on the path

A Jotunheim map and a DNT mug of coffee
  Washing pans at the Gjendebu hut    Jotunheimen Tour

Arriving at the Fondsbu hut at Eidsbugarden

The ferry leaves Gjendebu

DNT mugs at Gjendesheim
  Norwegian coffee and cakes in Oslo    Jotunheimen Tour

A small Norwegian flag on a rainy day

Jotunheimen Tour - our main circuit of the park
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Jotunheimen Tour Weekend - a shorter element of our circuit

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