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We are delighted to offer these items to clients or to anyone who would like to sport the Alpine Exploratory logo.

Please just email us. We'll email you back with a link to card payment or our bank details.

All prices include standard shipping to anywhere in the world: UK, US, Australia and elsewhere.



Please see our kit lists for your trip:


Essentials for the trail; merchandise for home.

Dry bag
Alpine Exploratory dry bag
We include one dry bag per person in your info pack, free of charge.
Size: cm by cm
Price: GBP 7 including postage
Water bottle
Nalgene 32oz
Alpine Exploratory water bottle
The classic BPA-free Nalgene bottle.
Red with white cap.
Size: 32oz or about 1 litre
Price: GBP 17 including postage
Cambridge style
Alpine Exploratory mug
Our simple straight-sided mug.
Red outside and white inside.
Size: One tea or coffee
Price: GBP 10 including postage


Hang out in our Alpine Exploratory designs.

Trucker style
Alpine Exploratory trucker cap
Our classic red trucker cap with a big peak and mesh back.
Size: One size
Price: GBP 25 including postage
Red T-shirt, logo
Our classic design
Alpine Exploratory water bottle
The Alpine Exploratory logo in white on a red cotton T-shirt.
Size: Men's S-XL, Women's XS-XL
Price: GBP 20 including postage
Red T-shirt, college
A new design
Alpine Exploratory mug
A college twist on our logo. Established 2005.
Size: Men's S-XL, Women's XS-XL
Price: GBP 20 including postage
  The Alpine Exploratory water bottle reaches the top of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland    Equipment

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