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(In the Pipeline) Pete at Refuge Plan Sec in the Vanoise

In the pipeline
Alpine Exploratory's plan for exploration 2020-22

We're on the move! Alpine Exploratory exists as a system for exploration, systematised yet thoroughly human. This is the Exploratory system. For the moment we apply ourselves to the Alps, Scandinavia and the UK. Here we sketch plans for our next 3 years.

The Exploratory system

2020 exploration

Coronavirus update: In Spring we revised our 2020 research plans, as below. These might change as Summer progresses.

During 2020 we will complete our research on 3 trails: the Tour de Vanoise, the Affric-Kintail Way and the Snowdonia Way. These should all be available for Summer 2021. We'll also be in the Gstaad area to add a new routing to the Swiss Via Alpina. In Norway we will revise our Rondane Tour and bring it back for 2022.

Pete Ellis at Alpine ExploratoryHannah Wright at Alpine ExploratoryLucy Rushton at Alpine Exploratory Tour de Vanoise
French Savoie
Summer 2021 first season
Lucy Rushton organising
Hannah Wright organising and walking
Pete Ellis walking
In July 2019 Pete walked the Tour de Vanoise. This trek of 10 or 11 stages in the French Alps stays in several huts and passes through Pralognan, Modane, Val d'Isere and Tignes. Our earlier visits to the Vanoise, Summer and Winter, hinted at the landscape of this trek. Lucy ran a chalet in Val d'Isere in Winter 2015. Hannah will be on the route in August 2020 to complete our routecards, then we'll offer the trip for a first season in 2021. Please look out for more details and, if all goes well, our Tour de Vanoise webpage in October 2020.

Looking back over Lac des Vaches in the Vanoise

Hannah G at Alpine Exploratory Affric-Kintail Way
Scottish Highlands
Summer 2021 first season
Hannah G organising
Roughly 6 days from Drumnadrochit to Shiel Bridge, East to West, through Glen Affric - this is one of the newer routes in the Scottish Highlands and it takes on a bold area. The route necessitates a night in the Glen Affric youth hostel, sited alone with Munros all around. Hannah has walked the route and will co-ordinate our research trips, to make this a new trip for us.

The Autumn colours of Glen Affric

Pete Ellis at Alpine ExploratoryHannah Wright at Alpine Exploratory Snowdonia Way
Mid Wales and Snowdonia
Summer 2021 first season
Hannah Wright organising
Pete Ellis walking
Alpine Exploratory leader Alex Kendall wrote the Cicerone guidebook to a new Snowdonia Way. We hope to offer this exciting route and look forward to Pete's recce in late Summer 2020. We have long sought to broaden our UK coverage into Wales and this could be the route. Look out for more details of the 6-stage trail. We'll be advising on the number of days to take, which we reckon could be between 4 (missing sections) and 9 (with shorter days).

Walking in the hills near Machynlleth

Hannah G at Alpine ExploratorySimon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Via Alpina variants
Swiss Valais
Summer 2021 first season
Hannah G walking
Simon Stevens walking
To offer the full formal Via Alpina - which coincides with the Swiss National Route 1 - we'll walk 3 new stages from Gstaad to the Rochers de Nayes. It's a slightly different routing to the existing one via Col des Mosses. We might also check out the new first stage from Vaduz to Sargans. This will be an option to add before the main Via Alpina (formerly the Alpine Pass Route) starts in Sargans.

The train between Gstaad and Chateaux d'Oex

In Sweden we aim to visit the towns Lulea and Gallivare to help our Kungsleden coverage, and we'll get to know Narvik better on the other side of the hills.

The aim is to complete our train links a full 360 degrees around the Alps. Our ongoing French Alps coverage suggests that we should add routes from Grenoble to Nice and then from Nice to Turin. In Northern Italy we have travel urges to satisfy from Milan to Treviso and Venice.

2021 exploration

With 2020 disrupted we have put back to 2021 some of our new exploration, principally in the Lofoten islands in Norway and the Tour of the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland. We aim to add new options on the Adlerweg. In 2021 we'll be walking a wholly new Alpine area (to be announced soon). We'll walk the Alta Via 2 in the Dolomites and the Wicklow Way in Ireland.

Hannah Wright at Alpine ExploratorySteph Ward at Alpine ExploratorySimon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Lofoten islands
First season to be confirmed
Steph Ward walking
Hannah Wright walking
Simon Stevens traveling
Our eyes are on the Lofoten islands in the North of Norway. Not every spectacular region is a natural fit for our thru-hiking approach, so here we might be trying day walks from bases. After the June 2021 Jotunheimen and Kungsleden recces, Steph and Hannah will visit Lofoten and report back.

Bodo's tiny airport, a start point for Lofoten

Pete Ellis at Alpine ExploratoryHannah G at Alpine ExploratoryAllan Gibbs at Alpine Exploratory Tour of the Jungfrau Region
Swiss Bernese Oberland
Summer 2022 first season
Allan Gibbs walking
Hannah G organising and walking
Pete Ellis walking
Our Via Alpina: Bernese Oberland is a fabulous week; there is much more to see in the central part around Grindelwald, Wengen and Murren, and this new circuit will take us to various places missed. These include the Schynige Platte above Grindelwald, the valley South of Lauterbrunnen, and the higher hillsides towards the Grosse Scheidegg. We also have our eye on a Jungfrau to the Matterhorn trip, which would again adapt the Via Alpina but add - with transport - the Zermatt area at the end. In 2019 Allan started our exploration of the extra days that will make the TJR, and Pete and Hannah will wrap it up in 2021.

Murren from above; Eiger beyond

Hannah G at Alpine ExploratoryKeith Miller at Alpine Exploratory Adlerweg variants
Austrian Tyrol
Summer 2022 first season
Hannah G walking
Keith Miller walking
We'll trek through the Karwendel mountains just North of Innsbruck, with the aim of adding a more mountainous way across this central part of the Adlerweg. This will bypass the valley sections around Schwaz, Hall, Innsbruck and Zirl, and miss the Eppzirler scharte which is the trickiest col on the Adlerweg.

Approaching the Falkenhutte in the Karwendelgebirge

Steph Ward at Alpine Exploratory Alps
New Alpine destination
Summer 2022 first season
Steph Ward organising
We have an ever-evolving list of potential Alpine areas and we are looking at a handful of areas for a new base. Some names on our list are the Silvretta, the Engadine, the Lechtal and the Dachstein massif. Please watch this space.

The cable car to the Dachstein glacier

Hannah Wright at Alpine Exploratory Alta Via 2
Italian Dolomites
Summer 2022 first season
Hannah Wright organising
We have wondered about the AV2 for a few years, loving the AV1 as we do. What else can we offer in the Dolomites? The key for us is that any route sticks to walking ground and does not require via ferrata, which can crop up in the Dolomites. We'll be going through the AV2 with a fine-tooth comb to make sure, but we think it might be a goer.. likely to be harder than the AV1 but quite brilliant.

A challenging AV2 ascent from Passo Gardena to Rif Pisciadu

Nicky Mount at Alpine Exploratory Wicklow Way
Summer 2022 first season
Nicky Mount organising
We seek a broader coverage of the British Isles, indeed the entire rocky coastline of North West Europe, from Ireland to Norway via Scotland. We'll start in Ireland with the Wicklow Way near Dublin, then progress to the Kerry Way or Dingle Way.

The Slieve League sea cliffs of Donegal

As part of our Alta Via 1 service we intend to see Verona and Vicenza, two Italian cities in between Milan and Venice on the plain of the Po. We'll be seeking Verona flights to add to our travel advice for the AV1. (Venice is the AV1's main airport).

In Scandinavia we seek transport links further North from Narvik.

In Switzerland our Via Alpina explorations will see us covering many of the train lines South and North of the route.. towards Milan and Zurich respectively. Pop through the mountains and emerge in Italy, or the Italian-speaking Swiss Canton of Ticino. We'll finish these linkages so that we can advise on all the ways to the Via Alpina.

The train links in Austria allow all kinds of cross-country adventure. To add to options post-Adlerweg or post-AV1 we plan to link Innsbruck and Salzburg to the smaller Austrian city of Klagenfurt. This will be a return to Klagenfurt after many years; on our first trip to Slovenia we entered by train through Klagenfurt and Villach. To the East of Ljubljana is Maribor, also curiously easy to reach from Graz in Austria. After a mountain hike, a medium-size city can be perfect as opposed to a huge one.

New for 2020

Out of the pipeline!
We are delighted to add these new trips:

Scandinavia: new trips

This is the long-distance trail in the North of Sweden. In April 2019, Ollie skiied from Abikso to Singi; in June 2019, Simon visited Kebnekaise and Singi; and in August 2019, Pete walked our full route from Abisko to Nikkaluokta and climbed both of Kebnekaise's peaks. Accommodation on the Kungsleden is similar to that on many Norwegian trails, in a mix of catered and self-catered cabins. We will start with the Northern section and use Kiruna as a base town.

UK: new trips
Lake District Tour
Lake District Tour (Guided)
Hebridean Way

We add the Lake District Tour as our new 6-stage coverage of the Lakes. Intense and memorable, we visit the key areas. Lucy and Pete made our Lakeland visits in 2019.

In the Hebrides, Pete's full trek added to 2018's visits by Suze and Steph. This is the chain of islands off the North West coast of Scotland, the main town of which is Stornoway. Travel is exciting in its own right, involving ferries from Oban to Barra and then from Stornoway to Ullapool. Flights are possible too via Glasgow or Edinburgh.

New cities in our Travel Notes
Stockholm (Sweden)

Recces 2021

As distinct from these explorations of new areas, please see our separate page on recces: these are our regular updates on current trips:

Recces 2021

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  Leaving the Alesjaure hut on the Kungsleden    Kungsleden: Kebnekaise

2022 exploration

Simon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Norway
New Norwegian areas
Summer 2023 first season
Simon Stevens organising
As a third Norwegian area, allied to the Rondane and the Jotunheimen, we will look further at Oppdal as a base for trekking in the Dovrefjell national park. We are keen to trek the Hardangervida as well, starting from Finse, the highest point on the scenic Oslo-Bergen train line.

The station at Finse, start point for the Hardangervida

Simon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Munich to Venice
German, Austrian and Italian Alps
Summer 2023 first season
Simon Stevens organising
2022 will be the time to link Innsbruck and Dobbiaco: one Austrian mountain city, one Austro-Italian mountain resort. Why the link? This is the Munchen-Venedig, or Munich to Venice. In Germany it's a big trek, a natural link over the mountains. The full Munich to Venice will be 4 weeks long, of which the third week is our existing AV1. The second week is this Innsbruck to Dobbiaco link. We have a route in mind and it combines with the Zillertal area outside Mayrhofen.

(Experience the crossing of the Alps a little faster by trekking our Alta Via 1 but flying into Munich and out of Venice. Take the train Munich to Dobbiaco, then trek the AV1, and take the bus Belluno to Venice.)

In the Zillertal at the Austro-Italian border

In the Scottish Highlands we continue to look beyond the better-known valleys to the quiet places. Among the team our knowledge of the Scottish hills (three Munro rounds, one Corbett round and counting) is making us think about our services off the beaten track.

We are close to a comprehensive coverage of the travel routes to our major treks... there are several viable routes to each one. The intention is to finalise these around 2022 having spread ourselves across the most important ways to every trek. For example, Turin is a good option for the TMB.

  The Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn above Grindelwald    Via Alpina


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