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(Coast to Coast) Ennerdale Water on the Coast to Coast West

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We offer our newsletter, Exploratory News. We send 4 emails per year, in a largely text format. We hope that we are at the other end of the scale from bombarding your inbox!

Here are our four emails:


Our Autumn email is sent in the first week of October.
(1) Summer report
(2) New routes
(3) Next year's dates
The main email in our calendar, here we mark the end of Summer with a round-up of the season. This is the email to watch for about new routes. We also confirm dates for next Summer.


Our Winter email is sent in the first week of January.
(1) Summer plans
(2) Developments
We look ahead to Summer. This is the email when we describe developments at Alpine Exploratory in the past year: our team, our office and our plans.


Our Spring email is sent in the first week of April.
(1) Recce plans
(2) New routes
We show our plan for the Summer's recces; which team members will be doing what. On new routes for the Summer after next, this is an early indication of what's in the pipeline.


Our Summer email is sent in the first week of July.
(1) Summer availability
(2) Recce findings
We give the availabilities for trips in the Summer ahead. For self-guided trips we suggest available dates and for guided trips the available spaces. We give an early picture of our research trips.

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Exploratory News

We send email newsletters each season with details of new explorations and new routes.

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