Jotunheimen Tour
6 stages . 7 nights . Jotunheimen National Park
The Besseggen Ridge in the Jotunheimen National Park
Guided Jotunheimen Tour
Guided Jotunheimen Tour
6 stages . 7 nights

Jotunheimen Tour
Guided walking holiday

Key information Summer 2023

Start: Gjendesheim, Norway
End: Gjendesheim, Norway
Season dates: 15 July to 26 Aug 2023
Length: 6 days' walking
Typical walk: 15km, 820m ascent
Total distance: 90.5km or 56.5 miles
Highest altitude: 2,258m, optionally 2,460m
Grade: Black 3 on our main route (Walking grades)
Red 3 with easier alternatives on Days 2, 5 and 6
Group size: 4 to 8 trekkers

From GBP 1,835 per person

Norway stands out as a country for hiking; the Jotunheimen is a gem among the nation's National Parks. It’s the highest in its mountains, containing Norway's highest peak (Galdhopiggen, 2,469m), and it's the most popular for walkers. We cross high plateaus, walk under imposing peaks, and traverse deep valleys running with streams, rivers and waterfalls. In a single day, hikers see glaciers, sweeping valleys, flourishing meadows, and Nordic forests. Since 2018 it has become one of our most popular trips, and we hope you’ll love it!

The Norwegian approach is orderly with a time-honoured reverence to preserving natural spaces and maintaining the parks for the next generation. You'll find little sign of human life other than the huts and the paths. Our tour is a circular route through the park over 6 days, covering most of the park’s varied landscapes. The huts are comfortable and provide an amazing Norwegian hut experience which our hikers have really enjoyed.

With so few foreign walkers it's easy to feel warmly adopted into the Norwegian lifestyle. We hope you'll enjoy the cultural experience and sense of fellowship among walkers, Norwegian and otherwise, that is formed through the shared experience in the hills and the adherence to the simple, sensible norms of hut life.

Our International Mountain Leader will accompany you on the Jotunheimen Tour, in a group size of 4 to 8.

Alternative trip options
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Scheduled trips 2023
The dates of our guided trip in 2023 are as follows:

People at Alpine Exploratory
JHTg1 22 to 29 July 2023
Led by Alex Kendall

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Scheduled Guided Trips
Our scheduled guided Jotunheimen Tour trip follows our normal schedule of 6 stages and 7 nights accommodation. We use our classic mix of accommodation, staying in small rooms in 7 huts. The maximum group number will be 8 clients to 1 Alpine Exploratory International Mountain Leader.

Although the walking dates on our scheduled guided trips are fixed, we'd be very happy to book extra nights in Gjendesheim or Otta before or after your trip, for you to explore the area a little more. Please do just ask for more details.

Private Guided
We would be delighted to plan a privately guided trip for your family or group of friends at any time within our walking season. We will find you a guide and book your accommodation on the dates your choose. You will have full flexibility over the length of your trip, your choice of accommodation and your dates. Please see our self guided page for full details of the options available.

Join us any time in our season from: 15 July to 26 August 2023

Jotunheimen Tour: 22 to 29 July 2023 (Guided)
6 stages
(7 nights)
GBP 1,715
Single rooms not available
Baggage transfer
Not available

Where we stay
The Norewgian hut system is possibly our favourite of any nation and typifies the Norwegian culture. For example, it is expected that you will be trekking with a thermos flask, as is the Norwegian way. Each evening guests line up their flasks on a trolley, labelled with their name and hot beverage of choice and miraculously come breakfast they are full. Food in the huts is chiefly Norwegian; it's hearty mountain food for dinner as you might expect! A packed lunch is also incuded at every hut. Guests make sandwiches from the breakfast buffet and wrap them in special DNT greaseproof paper. There is an art to the Norwegian hut sandwich!

The huts are comfortable, spacious and organised with most offering the option of private rooms. Meals are taken at communal tables and give an excellent opportunity to dine and chat with local hikers. Norwegians are proud of their excellent English. As standard we'll book your final night at the Gjendesheim hut. If you prefer to stay your last night in a hotel in Otta, this may be an option depending on bus times. Please just ask us.

You will be sharing rooms with the group. We will aim to book small rooms of around 3 to 6 people where possible.

DNT Membership
We are delighted to be able to include membership of the Norwegian DNT as part of your trip cost. The DNT (Den Norske Turistforening) is the Norwegian trekking and travel association and your membership will be valid for the year of your trip. Membership allows us (and you) to access discounted rates at huts and this saving is accounted for in our prices. Memebership also gives you benefits like discounts in DNT shops and discounted stays at huts across Norway (and Sweden), and also supports the maintenance of the national parks.

In the run-up to your trip we will ask the date of birth of everyone in your group, as it's required for the DNT membership, and also a phone number to which your membership details can be sent via text message. You can then use the DNT app on your Android or iPhone to show your membership to hut wardens and others.
Our approach to the Jotunheimen Tour
This Tour is a wonderful circuit of the Jotunheimen National Park visiting the main valleys of the National Park and experiencing the best of hiking available, in one week. We link fantastic catered huts with solid days of walking in the amazing Norwegian scenery.

People at Alpine Exploratory
Alpine Exploratory's 2022 research on the Jotunheimen Tour walkinggrades led by Steph Ward in July

The Terrain
The terrain encountered on the Tour varies greatly. Most days are generally a combination of good paths, and boulder fields where progress is slower and care must be taken. On these sections the path is less well defined but cairns mark the way, generally visible on the horizon for navigation in poor visibility. Small streams are quite common and mostly easily crossed. Throughout summer there is a good chance of snow patches lying on the higher paths (and the snow slopes of Glittertind are guaranteed) but the lower paths are likely to be snow-free. There are also short sections of scrambling where hands will be needed for stability. These sections are within the realm of normal mountain walking and are not via ferrata.

Is it for me?
If you’re a confident hiker with experience of mountain walking then you should love the Norwegian hiking style. We recommend extra care when considering the Jotunheimen for those with old injuries or niggles in their knees and ankles that tend to get worse on uneven terrain, as the terrain is more consistently rocky underfoot than our other trips.

Three stages on our 6-stage guided trek involve some Black-graded terrain; these are the Glittertind ascent (routecard JHT2), the Bukkelaegret beyond Gjendebu (JHT5) and the Besseggen ridge (JHT6). The Besseggen ridge is a highlight; we can advise further on its difficulty.
Boulder field on the ascent of Glittertind
Boulder field on the ascent of Glittertind (Stage 2)
Jotunheimen Tour Walking Guide - more about the trail

The making of our Jotunheimen Tour - photos from our research trips

How to get there
Your holiday starts and ends at the roadside mountain hut Gjendesheim. The most convenient airport is Oslo with Bergen also feasible. Travel to Gjendesheim is on the excellent Norwegian bus network and you can get a bus here from Oslo.

Of special note about the Jotunheimen Tour is that travel must be carefully planned so as not to need an extra day. This is because, unlike on our Alpine routes, Norwegian buses and trains run 2 or 3 times a day as opposed to every hour throughout the day. We'd like to make sure your arrangements are suitable and we are here for advice any time. As an example, the Oslo to Gjendesheim bus runs in the afternoon and we advise by what time to arrive by air.

If your plans include extra time in Norway then travel times are less critical. Please let us know your ideas and we'll be glad to advise what to see in Norway, and how to get about.

At Alpine Exploratory we travel widely in the countries we visit and we love to try unusual routes to the mountains, so equally we love to advise hikers on their travel plans.

Travel to and from the trip is not included in the holiday price. We take care to give the most useful notes possible about all the travel options. We supply these both on booking and in your info pack, and we offer personalised tips at any point. The aim is that our trekkers arrange their travel by the simplest and most scenic means as suits their plan.
Reindeer on the route
Reindeer on the route
  • Bespoke accommodation itinerary - tailored to suit your particular requirements
  • An Alpine Exploratory International Mountain Leader
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Dinner at each hut plus a packed lunch and a refill of your thermos flask on each day walking
  • The 2 topographical hiking maps needed
  • Membership to the Norwegian DNT for the year of your trip
  • Expert advice and local information
  • A comprehensive 'Season Update' following our pre-season recce
  • Full support during your trip from the Alpine Exploratory team (9am until 9pm in Scandinavia)
Not included
  • Travel to and from your trip
  • Local transport whilst on the trip unless specified
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional snacks and drinks not specified above. Evening meals if not staying in a hut
  • Baggage transfers (not available on this route)

Baggage transfer

Although baggage transfer isn't available on this hut-based trip, it's no problem to leave your baggage at the Gjendesheim hut while you trek. There is one possibility of luggage, using the ferry along lake Gjende. This can be organised on the ground and we give details in the info pack.
Got questions about the Jotunheimen Tour?
Feel free to ask us any questions you have about any aspects of your planning and preparations! Lucy, Steph, Nicky, Dan and Rob will reply with expert advice. We spend a lot of time walking our routes and more broadly exploring ski and hiking trails around the world so do feel free to ask anything at all.

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Glitterind Summit on stage 2
  Glittertind Summit on stage 2 of the Jotunheimen Tour    Photos from the Jotuheimen Tour

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