(Walker's Haute Route) The Matterhorn from the Walker's Haute Route

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The Walkers' Haute Route: A guide to the trek

Huge slopes seen from the descent from Fenetre d'Arpette
Views from Fenetre d'Arpette
Between Col de la Chaux and Col de Louvie
Mist below Col de Louvie
On the descent from Refuge les Grands, looking back uphill
In descent from Refuge les Grands

A dusting of snow on the Haute Route, near Col des Roux
Light snow near Col des Roux
The panoramic shower - douche panoramique - at Cabane des Dix
Panoramic shower at the Dix hut
A rest above Lac des Dix on the climb to Cabane des Dix
A rest above Lac des Dix

Meadows and distant hills between Champex and Sembrancher
Meadows below Champex
Mont Collon on the descent to Arolla
Mont Collon, in descent to Arolla
Cows graze near Cabane de Mont Fort with Col de la Chaux far in the distance
Cows graze; Col de la Chaux

The huge rockfall near Randa, from Langenflueberg
The huge rockfall near Randa
The top of the ladders at Pas de Chevres
The ladders at Pas de Chevres
A peek inside a small chapel near St Niklaus
A small chapel near St Niklaus

From above La Sage, looking back to Arolla
Arolla from above La Sage
Snow on the descent from the Augstbordpass on the stage from Gruben to St Niklaus
Snow on the Augstbordpass
The Alp of Jungen above St Niklaus
Jungen above St Niklaus

The jumbled rocky scenery at Col de Louvie
Col de Louvie; jumbles of rock
A typical Valaisian barn on a shelf above Zermatt
A Valaisian barn; Zermatt below
A train climbs up-valley from Tasch to Zermatt
A train nearing Zermatt

Walker's Haute Route - walk the full distance to Zermatt for Alpine trekking of the highest order
Walker's Haute Route West - cover half of the route, ending in Arolla after a big week
Walker's Haute Route East - complete the trek from Arolla to Zermatt in another exhilarating week
Walker's Haute Route (Guided) - complete the Haute Route in the company of a guide

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