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The Lake District Tour: A guide to the trek

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Bare facts

Our Lake District Tour is a 99.5km (62.5 mile) circular route through the main mountains of the English Lake District. It allows some excursions to be made to summits of peaks, while being a solid trek in its own right.

We conceive the trek as a week-long loop that takes in several notable Lakeland areas, being shorter than our earlier Lake District Circuit but longer than our North, East, South and West treks.

Loweswater and Buttermere
Loweswater and Buttermere

Best bits

Choosing highlights of the Lakes? Too difficult! Many walkers would suggest the central, highest, clump of peaks around Scafell Pike. Reached from Wasdale in the West, on our circuit, this is among the rockiest and grandest mountain scenery in the Lakes. We then drop off the Scafell massif into Langdale.

The valleys are a highlight in a different way; perhaps this is the Lake District of popular imagination, tidy dry stone walls lined up in parallel, containing green grassy fields, the hillsides above rising in bracken and crags. A farmhouse of Cumbrian slate, painted white, is terraced next to its barn.

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The Lake District Tour relative to other walks

The Lakeland stages of the popular Coast to Coast (CTC) trail are similar to our Lake District Tour; indeed some paths are common to the two walks. Over the course of the whole walk, the Lake District Tour has a similar feel to these early CTC stages but stays higher overall, crossing more passes and spending less time in the valley.

Similarly when compared to the Pennine Way, the Lake District Tour is more rocky and 'sharp' due to the topography of the Lakes. It's an up-and-down route!

Is it for me?

Long distance paths
Exploring the Lakes is a treat for the walker who likes a new scene each night, a new valley with its own pubs. Each valley flows to a different point in Cumbria. There is contrast in the bold hills of the North and East, the rockiness of the West, and the lower, rolling, enchanting, farming land in the South. Each afternoon, walk into your new home for the night and get to know the Lake District more fully.

Can I manage it?
Our full Lake District Trek is suitable for experienced walkers who like to walk from 5 to 8 hours a day across rough and sometimes rocky, pathless, ground.. a substantial walk each day, for 6 days. (We love to add rest days in Keswick and elsewhere - please ask us.)

To reduce the length and challenge, it is possible to trek only the last 4 stages; this means joining in Keswick and trekking to Ambleside.

Haystacks over Derwent Water
Haystacks over Derwent Water

Hillwalking excursions
There is so much to do in the Lakes! The Wainwright books are a fine starting point. Other lists and guides to the hills are plentiful and a glance at the map reveals the ridges that extend to each side of our route. As one example, Scafell Pike (978m) is the highest peak in England and is feasible in your stage between Wasdale Head and Great Langdale.

Above Grasmere in the Winter
Above Grasmere in the Winter

What's it like underfoot?
The full mix of Lakeland trails are experienced on the Lake District Tour. Rocky steps are at one end, easy grassy footpaths at the other.

Is the route obvious?
Over the majority of the distance, the trail is clear on the ground. All of the route goes on known paths, marked on the map - however, the path is not always visible on the ground! In clear weather the route is obvious, but if the cloud is low then navigation will be needed to head in the right direction. These sections are generally short and soon link to the clear path on the far side of the col. It is for these sections that we ask each party to have a person happy to navigate using map and compass, in low visibility.

Is it technically difficult?
There are no difficulties other than those of walking, albeit sometimes (in particular on the optional Helvellyn or Scafell Pike ascents) at the higher end of difficulty and technical walking ground. There are no via ferrata on our route or anything like climbing. There can be drops to one side, perhaps to both if you take the Helvellyn or other options, or some optional walks off the trail.

When to go?
Alpine Exploratory's Lake District season runs from the start of May to the middle of September.

We set this period to avoid the worst of the winter weather. Of course, it's possible to enjoy brilliant walking days in the Lakes the heart of winter, whatever the weather is doing! The difficulty of predicting the winter season in advance means that we have to err on the side of caution.

From Easter to the Autumn you have a good chance of decent walking weather. Rain is likely to happen at some point during your trip! For the warmest temperatures choose the high summer months of June, July and August, but be prepared for heavy rain at times too. Earlier in the year, in the Spring, there can be spells of wonderfully warm and dry weather (no guarantees!)

Where to stay

The Lake District is supplied, perhaps more than any rural part of the UK, with plentiful accommodation at a high standard. Our route takes in two of the biggest walking centres in the Lakes, Ambleside and Keswick, each with several interesting small hotels and many more good B&Bs. The other villages are considerably smaller, from one inn by itself to small villages with a handful of places. Always a pub!

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Self-guided holidays
Alpine Exploratory offers a self-guided walking holiday along the full Lake District Tour.

Our self-guided holidays set you up for a successful trek under your own steam. We book and pay for your accommodation along the whole route; and we send you our well-received info packs including routecards for all the walking, the maps, emergency cards with essential info for accidents, and detailed notes about the local transport. We specialise in tailor-made arrangements, so if you fancy doing the routes in combination of say North and West, or just the South but with added nights in the Lakes, please just ask us. Thank you.

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Lucy Rushton at Alpine Exploratory Pete Ellis at Alpine ExploratoryAlpine Exploratory's 2019 research on the Lake District Tour was led by:
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Lake District Tour

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