Affric Kintail Way

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Passing Inverness on your way to the start of your trip

Leaving Loch Ness behind you as you set off on your first walking day

Impressive even in the rain...Corrimony Cairn on Stage 1
  A sunny stop at Dog Falls on Stage 2    Affric Kintail Way

Easy walking under Caledonian Pine trees on Stage 2

Mountain views across Loch Beinn a' Mheadhoin

A signpost with the AKW logo guiding the way
  Glancing through the ancient trees lining the shores of Loch Beinn a' Mheadhoin    Affric Kintail Way

Little hut hiding in the heather on the shores of Loch Affric

Passing the old settlement at Athnamulloch on Stage 3

Following the river to Glen Affric Youth Hostel
  Wet feet in the making!    Affric Kintail Way

Arriving at Glen Affric Youth Hostel at the end of Stage 3

Walking towards the Kintail peaks on Stage 4

Walking down the length of Gleann Lichd
  Watch out for wildlife as you walk along!    Affric Kintail Way

Looking back at the Kintail peaks just before reaching Morvich

Affric Kintail Way - holiday information

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