(Alta Via 1) Trekking towards Monte Pelmo
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Alta Via 1
Guided trekking holiday

+ Expert leading on a superb all-round Alpine trek
+ Trekking on mountain paths, with no via ferrata
+ Warm huts, friendly greetings and superb food

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The Alta Via Uno is a trek, without via ferrata, from Dobbiaco to Belluno in the Dolomite mountains North of Venice. One of the classic trekking routes across the Dolomites, it offers colourful mountain scenery and a manageable challenge.

The Dolomites are rounded lumps of mountains, rather than pointed, such that traverse paths often have steep drops to one side. The AV1's terrain mixes easy stretches over which you can stride out among high peaks, with tighter paths on steep, loose, rocky ground. Standard Alpine paths are the norm, plus some unavoidable exposed sections and some wild settings. We follow the main Alta Via Uno route, taking variants as the group decides each day.

Trek in the company of our fully qualified International Mountain Leaders (IMLs). We miss out the difficult via ferrata on the Schiara, the mountain at the end of the trek above Belluno. We take the variant to La Stanga, for the local bus to Belluno, thus keeping the whole trek to normal mountain paths and tracks instead of any via ferrata.

Your accommodation is based on the splendid huts and auberges in the mountains, plus our super hotels at the start and the end, plus over your rest day. Enjoy the friendly welcomes and superb food of the Italian Alps.


Map showing the route of Alpine Exploratory's Alta Via 1 guided walking holiday


Alpine Exploratory
AVUg Alta Via 1 (Guided)
21 July to 15 September 2019
Prices in GBP
per person
Hutty Classic Comfy
Options on the scheduled guided trips
10 stages
1 rest day
(12 nights)
Singles 120
Singles 120
Most popular
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Options on a private guided trip
8 stages
(9 nights)

Singles 60
Singles 60
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12 stages
1 rest day
(14 nights)
Singles 120
Singles 120
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Baggage transfer 140

Baggage transfer

Let us move your bags between stops. Because the AV1 stays high up, in huts, our baggage service is only partial. On the hut nights your bag goes ahead to the next hotel. We also offer a direct baggage service from Dobbiaco to Belluno: please ask us.

Options (for private trips)

If you join us as a private group instead of joining our scheduled treks, then we can adjust your AV1 in various ways.

+ Walk from Dobbiaco to add a pastoral prelude to the hills
+ Shorten the trek to perhaps 8 stages, or add more rest days
+ Take easier variants to give less loose terrain
+ Make it basic or up the comfort with our best hotels

Of course, on a private trip you can come on the dates that suit you. Except for the composition of the group and the dates, everything else is the same as on our scheduled AV1s.

Dolomites Alta Via 1 (Self-guided) - look here for all the options

Why Alpine Exploratory for your guided AV1?

We trek the ideal route
Our groups always aim to trek continuously. Nothing is worth cutting out! Occasionally a cable car or bus can be helpful, but the most satisfaction comes from walking from start to finish. Our route is the main AV1 with scenic options that your leader can offer.

Expert knowledge of the route
The same careful research that goes into our self-guided AV1s informs our guided treks too. We place particular emphasis on interpretation of the path's difficulties. Our leaders understand how different trekkers approach different challenges, and how much the group will enjoy each route option.

Flexible, personal planning
As per our general ethos, even on our scheduled guided trips we like to be flexible. Single rooms are no problem on the valley nights. If you'd like extra nights in Dobbiaco or Belluno, or indeed tips on Venice, please just ask us.

Small groups expertly led
Alpine Exploratory follows best practice in the mountains. Our leaders are all International Mountain Leaders and we keep to a maximum group size of 8 clients. The aim is a small, tightly knit group with an engaging leader, completing the AV1 with safety, proficiency and fun.

About us - more about what makes us tick

Key information Summer 2019

Trip name: Alta Via 1
Guided or self-guided? Guided
Trip code: AVUg
Route: AVU Alta Via 1
(See our background page on the AV1)
(Prefer Self-guided, North or South?)
Group size: 4 to 8 people
Length: 10 days' trekking, 1 rest day
Start: Dobiacco in Italy
End: Belluno in Italy
Typical walk: 12km, 650m ascent
Highest altitude: 2,752m
Grade: Red3 (Walking grades)

Dates Summer 2019

Scheduled trips 2019
Please join one of our guided trips:

AVUg2 20 July to 1 August 2019
Guided by Rob Gale
Book (Spaces, Guaranteed)
IMLs at Alpine Exploratory

AVUg4 1 to 13 September 2019
Guided by Alex Kendall
Book (Spaces, Guaranteed)
IMLs at Alpine Exploratory

Private trips 2019
Please join us any time in our season from
21 July to 15 September 2019

Scheduled trips: Starting 8 Aug, 30 Aug
Season: 19 July to 18 September 2020

Research Summer 2019

Rob Gale at Alpine ExploratoryAlpine Exploratory's 2019 research on the Alta Via 1 will be led by:
Rob Gale in July

Recces 2019

Rifugio B Carestiato on the AV1
Rifugio Carestiato (Photo gallery)

Alpine Exploratory's service

12 nights, staying in:
4-star hotels (3)
3-star hotels (1)
Auberges (1)
Mountain huts (7)

Accommodation and itinerary
Breakfasts and 8 evening meals
Guided trekking with your IML

The UIMLA logo An IML leads your trek

The IML is the award needed to lead treks in the Italian Dolomites

The IML award

Crossing the Ru Formin on the AV1 above Cortina
Above Cortina (Photo gallery)

The AV1 in the Alps

Map of the AV1 within the Alps

Our city information included in your info pack:
Venice, Innsbruck, Munich

City breaks after trekking

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