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The buildings of Rondvassbu from the hillside above. The normal approach is on the level, along the shore, but from an ascent path to the local mountains we gain this high view. The main building has the dining hall and three lovely lounges each painted in a different colour and framed with white woodwork. Also in view here is the small boat that the hut operates up and down the lake.
  The Rondslottet, the lake on which sits the Rondvassbu hut    Rondane Tour

A typical food store at a self-catering DNT hut. Guests choose from tins and packets, for both dinner and breakfast and a packed lunch, then note on a form what they have used.

Having chosen food from the store room, guests cook it themselves in the kitchen. A big part of the stay could be boiling water and this can become a communal activity for the benefit of other guests.

A cairn with a small DNT waymark sits on a rocky outcrop.
  Early Autumn leaves in Norway    Rondane to Snohetta

Between Bjornhollia and Doralseter, by the Rondane Tour route, we cross the river at this small bridge. The route keeps ascending to the col after which it drops gently towards the junction for Rondvassbu and the path ahead to Doralseter.

Morning at Doralseter hut. Picnic benches and a barbecue are outside. The hut is clad in treated wood and picked out with white-painted windows.

A rocky valley on the day to Doralseter. In the later stages, our route comes across more varied and rocky terrain like this which is closer in feel to the Jotunheimen.
  Trekking from Doralseter in the morning    Rondane to Snohetta

A small cairn and a big view over stoney ground.

A wooden footbridge carries the DNT trail. This example crosses a white river in a lightly wooded area.

A flat footbridge in open ground.

Lillehammer to Rondane - the first 8 stages to Rondvassbu
Rondane to Snohetta - the last 5 stages to Snohetta
Rondane Tour - our shorter circuit in the Rondane
National Parks from Venabu - our guided week based at the Venabu hotel

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