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(Julian Alps Forest Hut Tour) Koca Zasavska (Julian Alps Forest Hut Tour) The park in Ribcev Laz (Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut) A wooden chalet (Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut) Triglav in cloud (Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut) Cloud inversion on Vogel

Photos from trips: Julian Alps, July 2015

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Simon made Alpine Exploratory's 2015 pre-season recce in the Julian Alps. Simon flew to Ljubljana and started walking at the Vrsic pass above Kranjska Gora, staying in Bovec (a bus away from the hills) before walking over to the Bohinj area via the Koca na Dolicu. This is one of the nights on our Hut-to-Hut route. For 2016 we will offer an additional route in Slovenia, based in Kranjska Gora for its first night, and crossing to Bohinj in this way. Look out for details!

Slovenia's national airline is Adria, with several small Bombardier planes in the fleet. Here we fly over the Austrian Tyrol and indeed our new Adlerweg route!

Just visible are the very reasonable Euro prices for drinks, here in the town of Kranj.

On the bus to Kranjska Gora, near Mojstrana.

The new route will follow the river Soca for some of its length. Here we drop from Vrsic to the source of the Soca. The painted red waymarks are common here.

Holiday houses in the valley.

The mountain Jalovec, PZS (Slovenian Alpine Club) flag, and statue of Kugy who wrote extensively on the Julian Alps.

Wooden roof tiles are common on countryside barns and houses.

The Soca has a bright blue colour, better seen in real life!

We visit Bovec for the first time, another of the Julian Alps base towns, but set slightly apart from the hills along a bus route. Bovec is a centre for rafting, many agencies trading on the central streets and plenty of restaurants too. The grey sky in this photo is a reminder of the immense storm that broke shortly after!

On foot up to the Dolic hut! This is from the twisting path that leaves the forest and reaches the high combe under the hut. There's no doubt this is a long climb.

Our hut is just visible as a dot in the col.

The path takes a fine traversing line under cliffs.

Rebuilt after an avalanche in 2010, the Dolic hut retained its classic Slovenian form with a hipped roof and shingle tiles. It has wind generators for electricity.

Here we are at 2,151m. The Via Alpina is a loosely-organised trail across the whole Alpine chain, and in fact a couple of Alpine Exploratory's routes coincide with it for some days.

Another couple of walkers arrived a little later. At this time of year, the first week of July, pressure on huts is lighter and there were roughly a dozen of us overnight. Expect the unexpected, but the assembled company to get on through sharing the same situation and privations for the night!

Here is a better depiction of the hut!

Leaving the hut, the network of paths on the Bohinj approaches to Triglav becomes apparent and in fact the path over screes in this photo, is the ongoing path on our Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut route.

Down in Bohinj, Triglav's summit - highest in Slovenia - is just visible in the sun.

On a day's walk above Lake Bohinj, another hut called Dom na Komni can be reached. From its bar and terrace, the lake is well-seen and the settlements making up Bohinj are clear at the far end.

We love the enamelled signs in Slovenia and are in the market for some ourselves!

In Ljubljana again, renewing acquaintance with this sweet capital city. It is friendly and a little studenty, with low-key buildings in the way of Amsterdam but with the grand feel of Vienna or Zurich in some streets. Late in the evening, this bar serves wine on outside steps, using little wooden side-tables.

There is a town called Kranj near Ljubljana's airport, that we saw first in 2010 and that has an ancient centre.. also worth spotting from afar for its red roof-tops and its setting on a hill with river and railway to each side. Kranj makes a super stop on the way home and we'd love to advise.

Adria planes wait at Ljubljana airport in the early morning.

We'll announce the new Julian Alps Traverse, from Kranjska Gora to Bohinj in 5 days, this September for our 2016 season. Please ask us about Slovenia any time and we'll give you the low-down!

Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut - trek for 5 days in Slovenia's mountains

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