Rondane Tour
3 stages . 4 nights . Rondane National Park, Norway
sign posts and mountain views on Alpine Exploratory's Rondane Tour
Rondane Tour
Rondane Tour
3 stages . 4 nights

Rondane Tour
Self-guided walking holiday

Key information Summer 2023

Start: Spranget after bus from Otta
End: Spranget for bus to Otta
Season dates:15 July to 26 Aug 2023 and 15 July to 30 Aug 2024
Length: 3 days' walking
Typical walk: 18.5km, 490m ascent
Total distance: 69.8km or 43.3 miles
Highest altitude: 1,645m
Grade: Red 2 (Walking grades)
Group size: 2 or more trekkers

From GBP 740 per person

Trek a circular route in the Rondane, Norway's original national park. Taking the Rondvassbu hut as our entry point to the park, we make a short circuit to Bjornhollia, to Doralseter and back to Rondvassbu. From the road head (bus stop) a quick walk-in and walk-out are necessary at either end.

The Rondane Park is characterised by rounded, bouldery mountains rising dramatically above long valleys. We stick to the valleys on this trek, crossing one pass each day. Good mountain paths run in each valley, stony and steep in places but not the extensive boulder-hopping that characterises the mountain ascents themselves.

Norway's network of huts is shown well here. On each of your 3 nights in the mountains you have a 3-course dinner served at communal tables, then breakfast and a packed lunch. Life in the Norwegian mountains is run along lines of common sense and simplicity.

Walk self-guided to enjoy the scenery at your own speed or please ask us for details of hiking with a leader. We organise privately guided trips in the Rondane accompanied by one of our International Mountain Leaders.


Alternative trip options
Looking for other trips in Scandinavia?
Jotunheimen Tour - More Norway but tougher, longer
Kungsleden - Sweden, introducing self-catered huts
Our 3-stage Rondane Tour is suitable for all-round hikers who are happy to walk for full days over uneven terrain for 3 consecutive days. It's a quick insight into the Norwegian way of life in the mountains.

Add a rest day
We don't include a rest day as standard on our Rondane Tour. However, some walkers might like to treat Rondvassbu (your first hut) as a base for bagging some Rondane peaks, and in fact this is a popular use for the hut among Norwegian walkers. Please ask us about spending more than one night at any of the huts.

Make the trip longer
The three huts on our Rondane Tour are set at a day's distance from each other, with no intermediate places to stay, so it's hard to make the stages shorter. However, to extend your trip we can suggest a further night at any of the huts, or to spend more time in the area including down the train line in Lillehammer. Please ask us for details of spending more time in the area.

Make the trip shorter
Equally it's hard to walk only 1 or 2 of the 3 stages, due to the lack of a road to any hut. Please let us know how many days you have and we'll be glad to work on a plan.

Hike with a leader
Hike with confidence in the company of our fully qualified International Mountain Leaders (IMLs), with the navigation, accommodation and all arrangements taken care of. You're welcome to walk on any dates within our season and we can adjust the hike to suit your needs. Please ask for more details.
Rondane Tour: 15 July to 26 Aug 2023
Dorms Private Rooms
Groups of 2+
3 stages
(4 nights)

GBP 720
Singles 50
GBP 740
Singles 50
Main Trip
Private guided
3 stages
(4 nights)
Group of 4 or more
GBP 1,160
Singles 50
Please ask us
3 stages
(4 nights)
Group of 1, 2 or 3
Please ask
Please ask
Baggage transfer

Not available


We can adjust your Rondane Tour in various ways, as follows:

Accommodation at the start
Our normal first night is in the characterful DNT hut at Rondvassbu. This involves a 6.5km walk along a good track. Depending on your arrival time before your trek at Oslo airport or elsewhere, we can advise on staying in a good hotel in Otta or Lillehammer, then making this 6.5km walk in the morning. It can also be made as part of your first stage if you prefer to walk through.

Accommodation at the end
After your trek, our usual option of our Otta hotel can be changed to the Rondvassbu hut for a last night in the hills, or to other hotels such as those in the lively ski town of Lillehammer.

No dormitories
If you'd like to stay in fewer dorms, please let us know. We have the possibility to book private rooms in each of the 3 huts, subject to availability. We can also offer our Otta hotel option on your first night, which avoids the first night at Rondvassbu; however, the atmosphere and setting at Rondvassbu are a substantial part of the trip's charm.

Single Room Supplement
The single room supplement covers the additional cost of booking single rooms on your hotel night in Otta, rather than sharing a double, twin or triple room. Unfortunately, because of the way the huts operate, it's not possible to book single rooms in the huts.

DNT membership

Your trip comes with a year's membership of the DNT, Den Norske Turistforening, the Norwegian trekking and travel association.


The DNT has been running since the late 1800s and is responsible for Norway's national parks, the network of 500 mountain huts, plus tourist information offices in Norwegian towns. You'll quickly get used to seeing their red T waymarks.

Membership gives lower prices in some huts, which we have factored into the cost of our Norway trips, and also gives you direct benefits like discounts in DNT shops and some others.

We are delighted that our trekkers become bona fide DNT members like so many Norwegian trekkers, thus supporting the maintenance of the national parks.

In the run-up to your trip we will ask the date of birth of everyone in your group, as it's required for the DNT membership, and also a phone number to which your membership number can be texted. You can then use the DNT app on your Android or iPhone to show your membership to hut wardens and others.

Our approach to the Rondane Tour
From a start point at the large Rondvassbu hut we make a three-day circuit of the Rondane. As a compact national park, this length of time takes us within sight - mostly - of the highest hills, even if we stay mostly in the valleys and do not explore quite the whole area.

People at Alpine Exploratory
Alpine Exploratory's 2021 research on the Rondane Tour will be led byJoy O'Flanagan in July

The terrain
The walking can be tough but in general the terrain is less tricky underfoot than the long boulder and rockfield sections found in the neighbouring Jotunheimen national park. Any sections of boulders here are short and manageable. Most walking is on packed earth paths or moorland, potentially muddy. Small stream and river crossings are plentiful and well served by bridges or easy rock-hopping.

Is it for me?
The terrain in the Rondane valleys, and the through-paths, is akin to our normal Alpine trails and avoids the hardest ground. The level of difficulty is a step lower than our Jotunheimen routes, for example, because we don't cross extensive boulder fields in the Rondane.

The ascent on stage 3 to the col is likely to be the hardest part of the route for many, but it is relatively short and it runs on a good path for most of the distance, with open rocks and slabs towards the top. The descent towards Rondvassbu is then much more gentle.
Rondane terrain
Ascending to the col with a classic Rondane view (Stage 3)
   For an even more detailed read, please see our Rondane Tour Walking Guide
How to get there
Your holiday starts and finishes at the Spranget bus stop near Rondvassbu. Your first night is at the large Rondvassbu hut which is a gentle 6.5km walk from this bus stop, while on your last night you would take the bus to the town of Otta where we stay in a smart hotel.

The most convenient airport is Oslo. Travel to Otta on the Oslo-Trondheim train line (Dovre branch) then change for the bus to Spranget. We advise on train times to meet the buses. Trondheim airport is also a good option and you would take the same train line but heading South.

Travel to and from the trip is not included in the holiday price. We take care to give the most useful notes possible about all the travel options. We supply these both on booking and in your info pack, and we offer personalised tips at any point. The aim is that our trekkers arrange their travel by the simplest and most scenic means as suits their plan.
Boarding a Norwegian plane at Oslo airport
A Norwegian plane at Oslo airport
  • Bespoke accommodation itinerary - tailored to suit your particular requirements
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Dinner at each hut plus a packed lunch and a refill of your thermos flask on each day walking (this would be 3 nights on our normal trip)
  • Detailed Routecards ROT1-3 of the Exploratory system, printed on waterproof paper
  • The topographical hiking map needed
  • GPX tracks covering our main route
  • Membership to the Norwegian DNT for the year of your trip
  • Expert advice and local information
  • A comprehensive 'Season Update' following our pre-season recce
  • Full support during your trip from the Alpine Exploratory team (9am until 9pm in Scandinavia)
Not included
  • Travel to and from your trip (the bus to Spranget is not included)
  • Local transport whilst on the trip unless specified
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional snacks and drinks not specified above. Evening meals in the towns (this would be 1 night on our main trip, in Otta)
  • Baggage transfers (not available on this route)

Baggage transfer

Although baggage transfer isn't available on this hut-based trip, it's possible to leave your baggage at the hotel in Otta while you trek. On our normal 4-night trip you would pass Otta on the way to your first night at Rondvassbu, then return to Otta for your last night. If you prefer, please ask us to book an extra night in Otta at the start, or even to replace the Rondvassbu night so that you stay in Otta before and after. We can also offer the wonderful outdoors town of Lillehammer in place of Otta.
Got questions about the Rondane Tour?
Feel free to ask us any questions you have about any aspects of your planning and preparations! Lucy, Steph, Nicky, Dan and Rob will reply with expert advice. We spend a lot of time walking our routes and more broadly exploring ski and hiking trails around the world so do feel free to ask anything at all.

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An Alpine Exploratory water bottle and the Rondvassbu DNT hut in the Rondane National Park
  The Rondvassbu DNT hut in the Rondane National Park    Photos from the Rondane Tour

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