( Rondane to Snohetta) Shepherds' huts in the Stroplsjodalen Valley
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Rondane to Snohetta
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Cross wild landscapes and stay in superb Norwegian mountain huts as you trek north from the long valleys of the Rondane national park, across open fjells to the rugged Dovrefjell national park.

At the most northerly point, reach the windswept peak of Snohetta, the main snow-capped mountain top in the Dovre range. Descend on the final day through the broad Stroplsjodalen valley, home to Norway’s ancient wild musk ox population.

The walking is typical of the Norwegian mountain experience, rolling landscapes patchworked by many-hued mosses and lichens, and a vastly varied set of terrains underfoot.

The Norwegian mountain huts are orderly and thoughtfully run with a hearty three-course dinner and breakfast spread typifying the Norwegian diet at its most traditional.

The starting point is easily reached from Oslo and for the first night there’s the choice of a smart hotel in the village of Otta or a mountain hut on the bounds of the national park.

On the final night we reach the upmarket 17th century gastro hotel Kongsvold Fjeldstue (with its famed wine cellar) or a good train ride into Lillehammer for a night in town.

An interesting option on the route, and one we recommend, is the experience of a Norwegian self-catered hut. An impressive example of national self-reliance and trust found in the middle of the mountains. A well-stocked kitchen and cosy woodburning stove greet you as you arrive from the tough day on Snohetta.

Walkers should be prepared for any weather from sun to snow and as Norwegians are quick to remind you, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

We hope you hope you’ll enjoy the combination of superb, wild Norwegian walking with comfy, hospitable nights and leisurely breakfasts.



Alpine Exploratory
Rondane to Snohetta Tour (Self-guided)
22 July to 2 September 2019
Prices in GBP
per person
Dorms Private Rooms
Groups of 2+
Popular schedules
5 stages
(6 nights)
Singles 40
Singles 40
6 stages
(7 nights)
Singles 40
Singles 40
Longer trips Please ask us for details

Stage 1. Rondvassbu to Doralseter
19km, 680m ascent, 800m descent.

Cross a low col, or take the boat, to reach the wild Bergedalen, then change direction to the North West for the long walk out to Doralseter.

Stage 2. Doralseter to Grimsdalshytta
18km, 770m ascent, 870m descent

A day of two fairly gentle cols across mossy moorland. The short Doralsglupen boulderfield to be taken with care followed by the wild Gravhotangen plateau and a descent to the Grimsdalshytta hut through birch forest.

Stage 3. Grimsdalshytta to Hjerkinnhus
19km, 525m ascent, 540m descent

A hillside traverse along the lush Tverrai valley, a crossing of the broad fjell between the broad peaks of Grahoe and Pikhett. A descent through wetlands to Hageseter hut then skirt the easterly flank of Valacjohoe mountain to the outdoors centre at Hjerkinnhus.

Stage 4. Snoheim to Reinheim
15km, 690m ascent, 910m descent

A demanding ascent of Norway’s third highest mountain over tricky terrain. Descend along the easterly Snohetta ridgeline to Reinheim hut in its sheltered valley location. We detail a low route if the weather prevents an ascent.

Stage 5. Reinheim to Kongsvold
17km, 110m ascent, 550m descent

A wonderful gentle descent through the Stroplsjodalen valley. Home to Norway's only musk ox population. Enjoy easy walking and great views.

Our usual schedule of accommodation might not be available, especially if there is not much time between booking and your trip starting. We will book accommodation as closely as possible to this itinerary and present you a schedule for you to check before we proceed.

Your own routes
While your routecards make up the walking for the trip, you are of course free to walk wherever you choose, taking side trips or going by a different route of your own choice. Please note that if you follow your own route you will have left the holiday for the duration

Reinheim hut


Our standard schedule of accommodation consists of 1 night in a 3-star hotel, and 5 nights in mountain huts. The huts are comfortable and welcoming. Hut accommodation is in dormitories in bunks or if you are travelling as a pair we can arrange private rooms where available.
Your info pack contains full details of your accommodation including contact details and directions.


There are a couple of options which might suit your preferences or travel to and from the trip. We can advise!
Your first night can either be spent in a hotel in the small town of Otta or the grande Rondvassbu hut on the trail. We can discuss your travel plans and decide with you which might suit you best.

You have the option to experience the self-catered Reinheim mountain hut. We really recommend this as a superb Norwegian experience. This hut is distinct from the normal catered huts on this trip. Self-catered huts are stocked with supplies for dinner, breakfast and a rudimentary packed lunch. Guests arrive and find a bunk. Duvets, pillows and blankets are provided: please bring a sheet liner as you would for a catered hut. Make the fire in the stove or use the gas hobs to boil water. Choose your food from the storeroom and cook by yourself or with any other guests. There is a live-in warden on hand to answer any questions about the workings of the hut. In the morning there is a form on which to declare what you have used: Alpine Exploratory is later billed for your stay. This is part of the simple, imaginitive and fair style in which Norway’s mountain life operates. Your info pack contains full details of how both styles of hut work.

The final night is spent in the 17th century Kongsvold Fjeldstue gastro hotel, famed for its wine cellar and opulent menu of local food. For those who'd rather a simpler stay, it's extremely easy to take a train from Kongsvold's station to Lillehammer for a celebratory night in town.

Norwegian Huts

The hut system is possibly our favourite out of any nation and really typifies the Norwegian experience. A stay in one is a glimpse into the small things which form the culture, for example in hot or cold weather it is expected that you will be trekking with a thermos flask, as is the Norwegian way, so in the evening all guests line up their flasks, labeled with name and hot beverage of choice and miraculously come breakfast they are full and ready to provide sustenance for a day on the hills. Food in the huts is chiefly Norwegian, with all that can be grown in Norway if not the local region. Hearty mountain food is found for dinner as you might expect!

A touch we appreciate is that lunch is made at the breakfast table from the excellent breakfast spread. Expect Norwegian cheeses, cured reindeer sausages, robust home-made seeded bread, a whole section of the buffet dedicated to pickled fish and vegetables as well as more conventional choices. Meals are communal and an excellent opportunity to dine and chat with local trekkers (who will undoubtedly have impeccable English). You'll have to tear yourself away to bed early or risk a spirited night of beer and cards.


Otta is the everyday Norwegian town, of modest size but with plenty of shopping, handily positioned on the train line and the gateway town to the Rondane. Our notes give great detail on all travel options but here are the basics. From Otta to the trail head is by bus or taxi, depending on the month and day of the week. We will of course advise and make any taxi arrangements for you.

From Oslo

The train runs North on the Dovre branch, to Otta in about 4 hours from Oslo or 3.5 hours from Oslo airport.
It might suit your timings better to take the bus from Oslo or Oslo Lufthavn to Otta. It departs Oslo bus station in the morning, parring through Oslo Lufthavn an hour later, and arrives into Otta in the mid afternoon.

From Bergen

Not an easy connection. The way would be to take the bus to Fagernes and then change to the bus to Otta. Or...the train. A comfy but longer option. It is easiest to take the train from Bergen to Oslo, then change to the train northbound to Otta. Perhaps with a night in Oslo depending on timings.


The trip finishes in Kongsvoll, next to the Kongsvold Fjeldstue hotel. A train station serves the hotel and the train will stop for pre-booked journeys. From Kongsvoll station, Lillehammer is easily reached and from Lillehammer we are on the fast line to Oslo.
There are many options after your trip, for example travel North by train or by domestic flight. Do ask us for options!

The Route

The walking can be tough but in general the terrain is less tricky underfoot than the long boulder and rockfield sections that can be found in the neighbouring Jotunheimen national park. Any sections of boulder here are short and manageable. Most walking is on packed earth paths or moorland. Small stream and river crossings are plentiful and well served by bridges or easy rock hopping.


We can adjust your Jotunheimen Tour in various ways, as follows:

Flexible tour lengths
The tour works well with shorter or longer itineraries; just let us know how long you have and we can suggest.

As normal we'll book your final night in a local hotel in Otta. If you prefer to stay in a hut on the last night that's also no problem.

No dormitories
If you'd like to stay in fewer dorms, please let us know. We can usually book private rooms in most of your huts. Unfortunately because of the way the huts operate, it's not possible to book private rooms in the huts for solo travellers.

DNT membership

Your trip comes with a year's membership of the DNT, Den Norske Turistforening, the Norwegian trekking and travel association.


The DNT has been running since the late 1800s and is responsible for Norway's national parks, the network of 500 mountain huts, plus tourist information offices in Norwegian towns. You'll quickly get used to seeing their red T waymarks.

Membership gives lower prices in some huts, which we have factored into the cost of our Norway trips, and also gives you direct benefits like discounts in DNT shops and some others.

We are delighted that our trekkers become bona fide DNT members like so many Norwegian trekkers, thus supporting the maintenance of the national parks.

In the run-up to your trip we will ask the date of birth of everyone in your group, as it's required for the DNT membership, and also a phone number to which your membership number can be texted. You can then use the DNT app on your Android or iPhone to show your membership to hut wardens and others.

Key information Summer 2019

Trip name: Rondane to Snohetta
Guided or self-guided? Self-guided
Trip code: RTSsg
Route: RTS Rondane to Snohetta
(Our Rondane to Snohetta background page)
(Prefer the shorter Rondane Tour?)
Group size: Any, from solo trekkers to groups
Length: 5 days' trekking
Start: Otta for bus to Rondvassbu
End: Kongsvold
Typical walk: 18km, 330m ascent
Total distance: 88km or 55 miles
Highest altitude: 2,286m
Grade: Red3 (Walking grades)

Prices Summer 2019

5 stages, 6 nights, per person:

RTSsg Dorms
GBP 840 (singles 70)
Jotunheimen Tour (self-guided)

RTSsg Private rooms
GBP 970 (singles NA)
Jotunheimen Tour (self-guided)

Research Summer 2019

Alpine Exploratory's 2018 research on the Rondane to Snohetta will be led by:

Pete Ellis at Alpine Exploratory Simon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Joy O'Flanagan at Alpine Exploratory

Pete Ellis in July & August
Simon Stevens in August
Joy O'Flanagan in August & September

Recces 2019

Reinheim hut Sandy the dog outside Snoheheim hut

The trip within Norway

Map of the Rondane within Norway

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