(Jotunheimen Tour Weekend) The view down lake Gjende
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Jotunheimen Tour Weekend
Self-guided trekking holiday

+ Superb Norwegian landscape
+ Start on any date that suits you
+ Expert, unlimited advice on all the options

Latest news March 2019
Please ask us about a trip during our 2019 season. Thank you.

After two years of planning and a few more of dreaming, we are delighted to have expanded the Exploratory system into Norway.

Norway is truly a superb country for trekking and the Jotunheim is a real gem among the nation's national parks. We look forward to sharing it with our clients!

The Jotunheimen is arguably the finest of the national parks, certainly the most popular for walkers: dense with high plateaus, imposing peaks, and deep valleys running with streams, rivers and waterfalls. Glaciers, barren sweeping valleys, flourishing meadows, and Nordic forests can all be traversed in a single day.

Founded in the 1960s, the national parks were Norway's means of protecting its natural beauty and unique flora and fauna from encroaching industrialisation. You'll find little sign of human life other than the huts and the paths. This paired with a lack of mobile phone reception means you'll likely find the walking in Norway free from the noise and stress of modern life!

The Norwegian approach is orderly with a time-honoured reverence to preserving their natural spaces and maintaining the parks for the next generation. As the snow melts, Norwegian families return year after year to the walk in the parks. As you'll experience, trekking and the outdoors form an absolute part of the Norwegian cultural soul. Trekkers in Norway will meet Norwegian walkers of all ages; meeting three generations together is common. With so few foreign walkers it's easy to feel warmly adopted into this lifestyle.

The hut system is possibly our favourite of any nation's and typifies the Norwegian experience. A stay in one is a glimpse into the small things which form the culture. For example, in hot or cold it is expected that you will be trekking with a thermos flask, as is the Norwegian way. Thus in the evening guests line up their flasks, labeled with name and hot beverage of choice and miraculously come breakfast they are full and ready to provide sustenance for a day on the hills. Food in the huts is chiefly Norwegian, with all that can be grown in Norway if not the local region. Hearty mountain food is found for dinner as you might expect!

Meals are taken at communal tables and give an excellent opportunity to dine and chat with local trekkers. English is widely spoken. You'll have to tear yourself away to bed early or risk a spirited night of beer and cards.

We hope you'll enjoy the cultural experience and sense of fellowship between all walkers, Norwegian and otherwise, that is formed through the shared common experience in the hills.

The starting point of this short trek is easily reached from the cities of Bergen and Oslo. Our notes contain all the details to make the journey with confidence by bus. To give a hint, it's about 5 hours by coach from Oslo or Bergen. On the way back, Otta is on the train line to Oslo. The buses and trains will often be busy with residents escaping the city on their way to adventure in the mountains.

Both Oslo and Bergen make superb stops before or after the trek. Do ask us for any options and advice.




Alpine Exploratory
JHKg Jotunheimen Tour Weekend (Self-guided)
21 July to 1 September 2019
Prices in GBP
per person
Dorms Private Rooms
Groups of 2+
Popular trips
3 stages
(4 nights)
Singles 40
Singles 40
4 stages
(5 nights)
Singles 40
Singles 40
Private trips Please ask us for details. Trips of 3 to 8 stages work well.

Baggage transfer

Although baggage transfer isn't available on this hut-based trip, it's no problem to leave your baggage at the Gjendesheim hut while you trek. There is one possibility of luggage, using the ferry along lake Gjende. This can be organised on the ground and we give details in the info pack.


We can adjust your Jotunheimen trek in various ways, as follows:

Flexible tour lengths
The tour works well with longer itineraries; just let us know how long you have and we can suggest.

As normal we'll book your final night in a local hotel in Otta. If you prefer to stay in a hut on the last night that's also no problem.

No dormitories
If you'd like to stay in fewer dorms, please let us know. We can usually book private rooms in most of your huts. Unfortunately because of the way the huts operate, it's not possible to book private rooms in the huts for solo travellers.

DNT membership

Your trip comes with a year's membership of the DNT, Den Norske Turistforening, the Norwegian trekking and travel association.


The DNT has been running since the late 1800s and is responsible for Norway's national parks, the network of 500 mountain huts, plus tourist information offices in Norwegian towns. You'll quickly get used to seeing their red T waymarks.

Membership gives lower prices in some huts, which we have factored into the cost of our Norway trips, and also gives you direct benefits like discounts in DNT shops and some others.

We are delighted that our trekkers become bona fide DNT members like so many Norwegian trekkers, thus supporting the maintenance of the national parks.

In the run-up to your trip we will ask the date of birth of everyone in your group, as it's required for the DNT membership, and also a phone number to which your membership number can be texted. You can then use the DNT app on your Android or iPhone to show your membership to hut wardens and others.

Key information Summer 2019

Trip name: Jotunheimen Tour Weekend
Guided or self-guided? Self-guided
Trip code: JHKsg
Route: JHT Jotunheimen Tour
(See our Jotunheimen background page)
(Prefer Guided or the full trip?)
Length: 3 days' trekking
Start: Fondsbu at Eidsbugarden
End: Gjendesheim for night in Otta
Typical walk: 13.5km, 740m ascent
Highest altitude: 2,258m
Grade: Black3 (Walking grades)

A note on grading
Two stages of the Weekend trip involve some Black terrain, both of which can be missed by taking paths at Red grade as described in our routecards. These are the the Bukkelaegret beyond Gjendebu (JHT5) and the Besseggen ridge (JHT6). The Besseggen ridge is a highlight and would be a shame to miss; we can advise further on its difficulty.

Prices Summer 2019

3 stages, per person:

JHKsg Dorms
GBP 560 (singles 40)
Jotunheimen Tour (self-guided)

JHKsg Private rooms
GBP 660 (singles 40)
Jotunheimen Tour (self-guided)

Research Summer 2019

Alpine Exploratory's 2018 research on the Jotunheimen Tour will be led by:

Suze Connolly at Alpine Exploratory Simon Stevens at Alpine Exploratory Pete Ellis at Alpine Exploratory Lucy Rushton at Alpine Exploratory

Suze Connolly in June & July
Simon Stevens in June & July
Pete Ellis in July
Lucy Rushton in August

Recces 2018

The ferry along Lake Gjende
The ferry along Lake Gjende (Photo gallery)

Alpine Exploratory's service

4 nights, staying in:
Mountain huts (3)
Hotels (1)

Accommodation and itinerary
Breakfasts, packed lunches, 3 evening meals
Expert and unlimited advice
Routecards JHT from the Exploratory system
Maps and local information
A year's DNT membership

Season for self-guided treks
21 July to 1 September 2019
19 July to 30 August 2020
Trek on your ideal dates

The lakeside Gjendebu hut
The lakeside Gjendebu hut (Photo gallery)

The Jotunheimen in Norway

Map of the Jotunheimen Tour within Norway

Our city information in your info pack:
Olso, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger

City breaks after trekking

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