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Guided walking holidays in Norway

Our 2019 season in Norway runs from 21 July to 1 September (our hut-to-hut treks) or 7 September (our guided trip from Venabu). We offer our guided trips on both a scheduled and a private basis: join our trips departing on set dates, or ask us to plan a trek for your group of friends or family.


The Jotunheimen national park contains the highest two peaks in Norway, Galdh�piggen and Glittertind.

Alpine Exploratory in Norway
Guided walking holiday
21 July to 1 September 2019
Wild and rocky trekking around the charming Norwegian huts
6 stages

Lillehammer, Rondane and Dovrefjell

Our other guided trip covers the Rondane, Dovrefjell and Sn�hetta areas to the East of the Jotunheimen.

Alpine Exploratory in Norway
Guided walking holiday
21 July to 7 September 2019
Challenging mountain day walks from our comfortable lodge at Venabu
Rondane, Jotunheimen, Dovre
6 daywalks
What does guided mean?
Your trip is led by our highly experienced leaders who are such good company in the hills. Join a scheduled trip, or come as a private group on your choice of dates.

Guided or self-guided?

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