(Coast to Coast East) The North York Moors at Clay Bank Top
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Coast to Coast East
Self-guided trekking holiday

+ Detailed routecards for each day's walking
+ Walk half the Coast to Coast in one week
+ Charming spots, wild moors and a coastal finish

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Pick up the Coast to Coast path, devised by Wainwright, at Kirkby Stephen. Follow the route over the open spaces of the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors, finishing along the clifftops at Robin Hood's Bay.

This trek crosses distinct geographical areas. Start with a moorland crossing and a valley walk in the Yorkshire Dales, visiting Keld, Reeth and Richmond. Then cross the Vale of York on flat farmland stages with the North York Moors increasingly in view. The last stretch takes you over this moorland on excellent paths, past the remote inn at Blakey Ridge and down to the valley at Glaisdale and Grosmont, where a day of woods and moors leads to the sea.

We take care of the planning, leaving you free to enjoy the walking. The pleasure of multi-day walks such as this one is in linking up different places each night, each one giving a new evening setting in which to relax. We provide all you need to complete the trek in style, from booking your rooms to giving you maps and our own detailed routecards and local information.

Your accommodation is in a varied mix of friendly guesthouses, B&Bs and inns. Visit villages and hamlets with real charm; there is potential on this trip for some memorable encounters with friendly hosts and cosy hostelries.


Map showing the route of Alpine Exploratory's Coast to Coast East Self-Guided walking holiday


Alpine Exploratory
CCEsg Coast to Coast East (Self-guided)
3 May to 18 September 2020
Prices in GBP
per person
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Popular schedules
8 stages
(9 nights)

Please ask 670
Singles 225
90 per dog
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90 per dog
9 stages
(10 nights)

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Specialised schedules
7 stages
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Here is our normal schedule of 8 stages:

Arrival day: Arrive in Kirkby Stephen
Your trip starts on arriving in Kirkby Stephen. This is a small farming town with a bustle. There are good pubs for a first dinner.
Guesthouse in Kirkby Stephen

Stage 1: Kirkby Stephen to Keld
Red3 grade, 18.5km with 590m ascent, 440m descent
We start with an ascent of Nine Standards Rigg, a moorland ridge, entering the Yorkshire Dales. The hilltop has traditionally hosted some of the boggiest walking of the route but new stone slabs have made it better. Drop down over the moors to Keld, a pretty hamlet in a fold of hills. We are at the top of Swaledale.
Guesthouse in Keld

Stage 2: Keld to Reeth
Red3 grade, 17.5km with 570m ascent, 690m descent
Follow old moorland mine tracks to Reeth. This is a rolling stage of low moorland ascents, in and out of mining valleys. We see much evidence of mining history. The village of Reeth sits around a notably large green. (An easier alternative follows the Swale through the valley, visiting Muker.)
B&B in Reeth

Stage 3: Reeth to Richmond
Blue3 grade, 17km with 435m ascent, 515m descent
Gentle walking with a mix of woodland and open fields leads all the way to Richmond. Arrive in Richmond with time to see the castle. Richmond is the largest place on the CTC and an ideal chance for new cuisine and bigger shops.
Guesthouse in Richmond

Stage 4: Richmond to Danby Wiske
Blue3 grade, 25.5km with 125m ascent, 210m descent
Start the two-day crossing of the Vale of York, a flat agricultural area between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. Fields and country lanes make it easy going for the distance.
Inn in Danby Wiske

Stage 5: Danby Wiske to Osmotherley
Blue3 grade, 20km with 275m ascent, 150m descent
Watch the North York Moors draw closer. The terrain is flat for much of the day but rises into woodland before you drop to Osmotherley, a charming village on the edge of the hills.
Inn in Osmotherley

Stage 6: Osmotherley to Clay Bank Top
Red3 grade, 18.5km with 850m ascent, 745m descent
Three tough days in the North York Moors start with an undulating route on the edge of the hills. This is a surprisingly hilly day. We follow the crest on good paths. At Clay Bank Top, the natural break in the walking, there is no accommodation so we detour North or South to a small hotel or B&Bs.
B&B near Clay Bank Top

Stage 7: Clay Bank Top to Grosmont
Red3 grade, 38km with 450m ascent, 640m descent
Rejoining the CTC at Clay Bank Top we walk over generally easy moorland tracks to the isolated pub at Blakey Ridge. This makes a super lunch stop. Carrying on, the miles go quickly over the moor and down to Glaisdale. Valley paths and the railway link Glaisdale with Egton Bridge and Grosmont.
Inn in Grosmont

Stage 8: Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay
Red3 grade, 25.5km with 480m ascent, 555m descent
This is a rolling cross-country day to finish. Walk through old woodland on the way to the sea. The final clifftop miles mirror those of St Bees at the start. Robin Hood's Bay narrows as it drops to the sea, improbably small houses nestling together on the steep lanes.
Guesthouse in Robin Hood's Bay

Departure day: Depart from Robin Hood's Bay
After a last breakfast take the bus to Scarborough and join the rail network; Manchester, York or London are easily reached.

Our usual schedule of accommodation might not be available, especially if there is not much time between booking and your trip. We book accommodation as closely as possible to this itinerary and present a schedule for you to check before we proceed.

Baggage transfer

Let us deliver your bag to each stop on the Coast to Coast. Each morning simply leave your bag with your host or at reception.


We don't have set schedules or start dates. Therefore as well as our normal itinerary here, we can book your trip to suit you.

Alternative schedules
Here are examples of the tweaks we can make to our normal 8-stage schedule from Kirkby Stephen to Robin Hood's Bay. Firstly we can shorten our normal 8-stage trek by running two stages together, to give 7 stages and 8 nights. Or, to space things out, we take 4 stages over the North York Moors to give 9 stages and 10 nights.

Rest days
Add one or more rest days, to recuperate during the route. Richmond comes just before half-way and is the largest town on the whole Coast to Coast.

Coordinating with travel
As normal we include your accommodation in Kirkby Stephen and Robin Hood's Bay. If you'd like to combine traveling with your first or last trek days, or coordinate a return to your car, please ask us about nifty solutions.

Please let us know if you fancy a more comfy or more basic trip. At many villages on the Coast to Coast East we can adjust your schedule, for example by booking smart little hotels or good youth hostels.

The route

Our approach to the CTC East
Your route follows the Coast to Coast, as officially as the slightly relaxed nature of the route allows, but starting in Kirkby Stephen. Enter the Yorkshire Dales on Nine Standards Rigg, the barrier between East and West and a major milestone. Swaledale beckons, all the way to Richmond, past Keld and Reeth. Cross the flat Vale of York to Ingleby Cross and Osmotherley before setting off for the last section on the North York Moors. High and open walking on good ground leads you past Blakey Ridge and down to Glaisdale and Grosmont. A final stage leads to the coast with a few short cliff-top miles left before Robin Hood�s Bay.

The Coast to Coast involves a broad mix of England's walking terrain. Most miles are across relatively forgiving terrain such as field paths, tracks, rockier paths or country lanes. On Nine Standards Rigg and on the North York Moors, terrain is rougher and typically boggier. The path might not be visible on the ground for short stretches, meaning reliance on good navigation if the cloud is low.

How to get there

Your holiday starts in Kirkby Stephen and ends in Robin Hood's Bay. The train is ideal to Kirkby Stephen on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line, while Robin Hood's Bay is linked by a regular bus to Scarborough for trains to York and Leeds. If flying we suggest Manchester for both directions and to transfer by train.

Travel to and from the trip is not included in the holiday price. We take care to give the most useful notes possible about all the travel options. We supply these both on booking and in your info pack, and we offer personalised tips at any point. The aim is that our trekkers arrange their travel by the simplest and most scenic means as suits their plan.

Happy Clients

"Our warmest thanks for a great hiking holiday!"

Donald Burton
(Coast to Coast East)

Key information Summer 2020

Trip name: Coast to Coast East
Guided or self-guided? Self-guided
Trip code: CCEsg
Route: The Coast to Coast (Walking guide)
(Prefer one week on the West or the full CTC?)
Group size: Any, from solo trekkers to groups
Length: 8 days' trekking
Start: Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria
End: Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire
Typical walk: 22km, 480m ascent
(Longest stage 38km on 8-stage trek)
Total distance: 177.5km or 111 miles
Highest altitude: 662m
Grade: Red3 (Walking grades)

Prices Summer 2020

8 stages, per person:

CCEsg Classic
GBP 670 (singles 225, dog 90)
Coast to Coast East (self-guided)

Research Summer 2020

People at Alpine Exploratory Alpine Exploratory's 2019 research on the Coast to Coast was led by:
Pete Ellis in March

Recces 2020

Nearing the beautiful Littlebeck woods
Near Littlebeck (Photo gallery)

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3 May to 18 September 2020
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One of many boundary stones on the North York Moors
Glaisdale Rigg (Photo gallery)

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