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(Tour du Val d'Anniviers) Leaving Zinal... (Tour du Val d'Anniviers) ... and looking back (Tour du Val d'Anniviers) Buses in Vissoie (Tour du Val d'Anniviers) Barrage de Moiry (Tour du Val d'Anniviers) Grimentz

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Mont Mine from Ferpecle in Val d'Herens
Mont Mine from Ferpecle
An old hut at Fluealp above Zermatt
An old hut at Fluealp, Zermatt
The summit of the Gornergratbahn, the famous mountain railway from Zermatt
Top of the Gornergrat railway

Old barns and houses in the streets of Grimentz
Old barns and houses in Grimentz
The Matterhorn reflected in the waters of the Riffelsee
The Matterhorn and the Riffelsee
Bright waterfall in a dark forest, above St Luc in Val d'Anniviers
A waterfall above St Luc

The Tour du Val d'Anniviers: A guide to the trek

A typical Valais barn on stilts
A typical Valais barn on stilts
Evolene in Val d`Herens
Evolene in Val d'Herens
The Dent de Veisivi from a path near Arolla
The Dent de Veisivi from Arolla

A forest path above Zinal
A forest path above Zinal
The meadows at Prafleury
The meadows at Prafleury
Arolla at the head of Val d`Herens
Arolla at the head of Val d'Herens

Tour du Val d'Anniviers - our short trek in the Swiss Valais
Walker's Haute Route - the famous trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, passing through the Valais

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